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Join Creating Possibilities with Sue Lundquist -  Transformational bridge building between the practical 3D of life and the 5D of spirituality and energies for explosive transformation...

A membership program including monthly group coaching calls with Sue, hot seats, guest speakers, challenge tasks, and of course the special private Facebook Group for members.

What you'll be getting in this private group (subject to change and evolve to better serve you!):
  • Group coaching with Sue 2 times a month (maybe more)
  • My Super Power tips
  • Support to sustain our progress mindset
  • Help you foster higher energy frequency
  • Videos on various juicy topics
  • Hot seat coaching calls with members and guests
  • An epic community of like minded people!
  • Spirit readings
  • Education
  • Intentions
  • Special Guests
  • Exclusive special event prices and exclusive prices on my services and programs
  • First to know about announcements and launches
  • Victory posts and your wins
  • Sharing your take-aways

PLUS - I will show up with my best self. I'll be showing up authentic, in love, transparent, authentic, judgement free, radiant, compassionate, open hearted, and sprinkling in with a whole lot my enthusiasm, goofy Sue-ville antics, love and light!

Some of the topics we'll be covering in the months ahead include:

  • The journey
  • Sue’s process & curriculum, why is works
  • The Bridge (metaphorically and practically)
  • The Brain (quick explanation)
  • Awareness tools
  • Habits-awareness
  • Habits-catching and changing
  • Earned & Learned
  • Building awareness
  • Recognizing yourself in awareness (the observer)
  • Understanding awareness
  • The importance of  continued self-discovery
  • Will power
  • Clarity Tools
  • Waking up
  • TRY tool
  • Personal space
  • Life style changes
  • Mental program changes
  • Mindset strategies
  • Gratitude
  • 3d explained
  • 5d explained
  • Higher frequency of energy
  • How you are choosing to show up in the world
  • Defining that new program
  • Clarity on your new self
  • Clarity on your new personal code of conduct
  • Boundaries
  • Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle
  • Intentions
  • Foods
  • Hydration
  • CC’s in life
  • Boundaries
  • Processing of all these new tools
  • Integration of new tools and language in your life
  • Evolution and Transformation


The Bridge Coach - Where Spirituality meets Practicality

Sue’s unique ability is to bridge together the Practical 3d with the Spiritual 5d to create an explosive personal transformation.

Spiritual Bridge Symbolism: 

The bridge means progress, connections, and stability that will benefit you. You may get higher salaries, good news all that could cause a positive changes and to have another perspective.

Often people view "bridges" as the only way to reach a destination, and therefore bridges are a way to overcome obstacles. Bridges also represent transitions (aka Transformation).

Practical Bridge Symbolism:

It creates progress, connections "a way" to reach a destination there for bridges are a way to overcome obstacles (fear & old patterns disguised in many forms). Bridges also link to each other – fostering community.

So what does this all look like when you hire Sue, join her membership or take a course.

You will be creating and sustaining progress, overcome obstacles, trusting again and create stability. Create community to foster positive changes & accountability.

This is all accomplished with real life practical tools. These tools and mindset strategies propel your confidence, clarity and purpose so you can get the ideal relationship, Ideal job or a pay raise. Creating and sustaining this frequency (aka universal energies) sets you up for explosive transformation.

Let me explain: by this I mean when you are clear, powerful and purposeful in your practical life/3d and you then express that energy, that frequency with clarity, intention and purpose to the 5d you have just given Spirit and the Universal energies a GREEN light, a clear intended outcome to bring to you.

The tricky part to all of this “transformational bridge crossing” is to continue to do the work and sustain the frequency with awareness, mindset strategies tools fostered in your practical life so you can get all you create.

Join today!


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