Craziness to Clarity Challenge - LIVE with Sue

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Go from Craziness to Clarity with Awareness & Mindset Strategies to foster Purpose in your life!

Lets jump in to our life. Let's make some profound changes using repeatable mindset tools that make positive change STICK!

So many of you have requested I create a FB live teaching environment, so here we go!

Every weekday, I'll be going on Facebook Live group coaching video in the private Facebook group. You can chat with me as we go, and I'll share that day's topic with guidance and that day's action challenge.

I'll also send you additional resources to help you each day after the Facebook Live group coaching video happens.

We will be creating an engaging and active conversation on the FB page with all of you, so be ready to engage!

Ask your questions, share your progress and successes, help each other and encourage each other.

And be accountable for one another.

I'll be holding you to following through on this challenge, so if you are ready for change, now's the time!

I'm making this ultra-affordable. You are getting 16 days of group coaching live with me, plus additional resources, a community of like-minded people just like you, and accountability and support.

A.C.T NOW in your life!

Join today. Click the "Add to Cart" button and check out to officially join us in the 16 Day Craziness to Clarity Challenge.

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