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Kick your butt in gear with my live workshops and experiences!

You are obviously here because you are a leader and you know that to maintain your leadership qualities you need to grow and keep learning valuable tools.

Ask yourself:

  • How do I hold it all together?
  • How can I create an environment and culture that promotes growth, not shame and guilt?
  • How can I foster a culture and attitude of gratitude instead of entitlement?
  • How can I stay calm and happy in stress and be an example to those around me?

I want this for you; I want you confident, clear, and aware so you can make exceptional choices!

Spend a transformative two days with me, and be teachable because these tools transform and will last for generations!

I offer only a few workshops a year. My next one is in January, just in time for the New Year and revised you!

My powerful  A.C.T. NOW workshops will transform

  • the way you think.
  • the way you act.
  • the way people treat you.
  • the way you treat people.
  • the way you see the world.

What to expect

Attendees can expect to learn and adapt new tools to lead and make choices for a more powerful, purposeful, and positive life.

"Self-acceptance will be achieved by cultivating thankfulness as I bust through uncomfortable change." – Sue Lundquist, author

What folks are saying

Sue uses her amazing gift to spread positive change in the lives of her clients. Sue helps eliminate unconscious emotional burdens that take a toll in a situation and life transitions. Very few people have an innate ability like Sue, who is also open and willing to share it…consider yourself fortunate to meet and work with her.

Jane Hundley, M.A. I/O


Contact Sue for more information regarding the A.C.T. NOW workshops, speaking, clarity coaching, and energy healing:

Thursday June 25th!

Your Child's Future Starts with You

The 3 Reasons Even Smart Parents Fail to Inspire Their Children

Seattle, 5:30 pm

Lakewood YMCA
9715 Lakewood Dr SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

I’ll show you the three ways even smart parents negatively impact who their children become. And I’ll show you how you can flip them in order to become not just good parents, but INSPIRING PARENTS!

No registration necessary

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