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Sue shows up as a loving multifaceted dynamo, personal development & Mind/Body/Spirit advocate & life long learner. Sue is a successful business owner providing new life-changing teachings & leadership. An award winning Author, featured in Huffington Post & CBSRadio, & certified HeartMath mentor, the Creator of the successful Craziness 2 Clarity Method, and a highly rated & long standing international Radio show & host.

In addition,  for over 20 years  Sue has studied, researched and implemented the works of many thought leaders.  Benefiting from these formulas to heal herself using mind over matter techniques, the breath, and hundreds of hours in meditation practice.  To then spend 3 years traveling the world as a Team Leader and Activity Leader, assisting in running 1200 plus participant events and activities, while also guiding, teaching  60+ people in her own individual team leadership.  Including emotional and mental support, a meditation assist and guide.  Helping to facilitate and teach a certain type of breath work to the students, understanding neuroscience, and assisting thousands of participants moving through personal blockages and working through healing themselves.

As a teacher, facilitator, “your advocate”,  Sue possesses both extensive life experience and over 20 plus years in expert training in personal development, E.I.. Metaphysics, extensive energetic modalities, R & D to support you.

Reclaim your true essence & take a stand for what you desire.

Visit to receive instant access to her powerful free tools that show you how to take a stand for your needs & set healthy boundaries without guilt or shame.


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