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Short Bio: Sue Lundquist helps all the ladies, mothers, and woman entrepreneurs ditch the negative self-talk and lack of confidence and self-worth to regain their purpose, passion, and power. More importantly, she uses her 20+ years of experience to help MAKE IT STICK!

Sue is a multi-faceted dynamo who coaches, speaks, leads life-changing workshops, authors multiple books, and has interviewed hundreds of inspiring minds through her radio shows. Her radio show The Gratitude Cafe runs every week live to the PNW and online to international audiences. You can find her at

Her next book soon to be released is Inner Critic Got Your Tongue, helping you silence negative self talk and lead the life you were meant to!

Sue Lundquist Pres. & Founder of and I’m Thankful, LLC
Author, Radio, Workshop Leader, Public Speaker 

Speaker Introduction:

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Radio Media Kit

Download Sue Lundquist’s radio media kit for The Gratitude Cafe, including listener insights and live broadcasting range:

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More From Sue:

My young life started out riddled with tragedy: death, suicides, abandonment issues, loss of personal power, physical and mental abuses. But that didn’t define my life. Today I’m a successful business owner, wife & mother to three children. I walked the talk and pushed through the hard work to tell you that you can overcome tragedy and THRIVE. From 20 plus years in personal development, my passion motivates me to help you cut through the clutter and bring a clear, healthier perspective to scattered, overwhelmed lives. I want you to truly regain your power, purpose and lead a positive life for yourself and your family.

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