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Creating Possibilities

Membership group complete with group coaching, training and resources, and a supportive community to help you CREATE POSSIBILITIES in your life!


We’ll work together to CREATE POSSIBILITIES in your life – whether that be personal, social, career, or spiritual possibilities.

With continuous support and a supportive tribe. 

And most importantly:

You’ll get monthly group coaching live with me. Plus all of these benefits as a member:

  • Every month, we delve into topics and skills to continue your growth and help you create the life you crave. 
  • In each call, we’ll also address your own challenges, questions, and needs with live group coaching. 
  • Plus, you’ll be part of a community on the same journey as you, striving for clarity, purpose, and personal power as they create possibilities in their lives.
  • The private Facebook group is alive with resources, supportive interaction, and I’ll be in there throughout every month sharing amazing resources and helping you in the group.
  • You’ll even see some of my friends coming in to share their powerful expertise with all of you.
  • And you’ll get special offers I only give my Creating Possibilities tribe on new opportunities to level up your life… including live events, virtual workshops, courses, and coaching.

If you are dedicated to creating the best possible life and the best possible you…. while quieting your inner critic, victim mentality, and sources of self-limitation holding you back from that incredible life just waiting for you.

Our monthly themes will give you new skills in… 

  • Using Intention and Values for Massive Change
  • Manifestation to get unstuck and finally achieve your goals
  • Brain science to help you rewire your brain, get clear, and utilize your full capacity
  • Health and Self-Care to keep you going at full speed without burning out
  • Better communication and forgiveness to improve your personal and professional relationships, and your own life satisfaction
  • Standing up for yourself and establishing secure boundaries
  • Self-empowerment and self-worth
  • Connecting to the spiritual and universal energies for explosive transformation
  • And much more….


It’s going to be a blast, and will give you the support you need along with all of my absolute best strategies to help you create new possibilities in your life and achieve all your goals.

I’m bringing my full energy to helping you sustain and amplify transformative change in your life.

When you enroll today,
you’ll get access to everything at this SPECIAL FOUNDERS MEMBER PRICE:

Monthly payment of just $25

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In case we haven’t met….
A little about me – Sue Lundquist:

I’m a mother, a radio show host of my show The Gratitude Cafe, coach and energy worker, and now live an amazing life I couldn’t have imagined in my early life.

My life started out with massive traumas and debilitating inner turmoil.

My lack of confidence, fear and old worthiness stories in my inner world kept me from reaching my true potential. Until I found my calling to serve, to be accountable and be brave.

I spent over 30 years rediscovering myself in painstaking trial and error, researching and interviewing the greatest minds, and educating… All to create a new lifestyle and new inner program that I am proud of. Along with an impact in people’s lives that fills me with meaning and purpose.

From being adopted to being a natural born psychic and empath, I had to seek out my tribe, learn techniques and tools to help myself and be of better service to my clients.

I found my unique ability in being able to bridge the 5D spiritual energies with the practicality of our human 3D world.

Through practical lifestyle tools and mindset strategies in real-world of “3D” existence, I’m able to help people connect with that 5D realm and its universal energies. Bringing them a more expansive and explosive transformation for our highest good.

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