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 Create the Self-Belief, Self-Worth, and Confident Clarity to Bust through the Overwhelm, People-Pleasing, and Indecision Always Holding You Back...
in Just 16 Days with:

Craziness to Clarity

Your Template for Transformation with Sue Lundquist, and the Essence of You


If you’re anxious and unsure about your life and purpose or held back by fear, negativity, and indecision…

And looking to...

  • Achieve a fulfilling and profitable career or business
  • Have healthy, passionate, and mutually-loving relationships
  • And create a life filled with travel, amazing experiences, and the time and money to contribute back to the world and to your own family

… then you already know that it starts with your own confidence, self-belief, and vision for your life.

You already know it starts with you.

I’ll spare you the spiel of how the external outcomes are only gonna happen when you work on “you” first. You know it all already.

You’ve probably even tried a ton of other things like gratitude, journaling, reading the books, maybe some EFT (tapping), meditations, some seminars and events to develop your intuition or spiritual awareness, ALL THE THINGS.

But you're still not where you want to be.

Living in my mind movie, traveling the world with likeminded people, being of service & eating and drinking great wine/food

Here's What You Might Not Know:

Even if you’re lucky to have a solid relationship, a good career, or have been traveling the world since college… you’re only scratching the surface of what is possible:

Total Confidence to Move Forward with Your Life… Even if You Don’t Know the Outcome

Fear sabotages us all...

Until we can become self-empowered and clear enough to walk right through the fear and into the possibilities waiting for us on the other side.

Possibilities that we may not have even dreamt of.

By always taking the first step and the next step and not letting fear and unsureness stop us. It’s the only way anything great happens in our lives…

The Boundaries to Make Your Contribution and Let Out Your Big Heart... without Being Overwhelmed and Overworked

Truth is: That people-pleasing behavior that comes from your big heart and desire to help, can become runaway overwhelm, broken promises, and rising resentment.

By saying “Yes” when it really matters, and being able to say “no” when it doesn’t (without feeling guilty)...

... It means you can contribute more, have the space to do more, and improve all your relationships with mutual love and respect.

The Personal Presence and Self-Belief that Can Raise Your Income and Open Up New Opportunities

When you aren’t heard and respected... then no number of other skills will help you get the VALUE you deserve.

I've seen how finding your personal power and clarity has turned a pissed off boss into an advocate that gives her a raise... and turned around a floundering entrepreneur into a driven dynamo that is 10X-ing their business.

I've seen people suddenly find the opportunity to start a business.


Undreamt of Experiences, Travels, and New Possibilities

Life is meant to be experienced, but how many of us are struggling to get through the day?

Or looking back at our life with regret?

But you could be opening doors to possibilities you hadn’t even thought of or thought you were capable of.

Fill your life with incredible experiences, the ability to travel the world, and seeing your contribution to the world multiply beyond what you think is possible.



A Powerful Circle of Relationships that Amplifies Lives and Careers, Even Your Own Health

The people in your life defines your life.

When you fully show up, and embrace your whole self… you attract the same kind of people. People who lift you up, open doors for you to elevate your life and experiences and careers and businesses and impact.

They even influence your health, your confidence, and your finances.

Even though the reasons to create that unwavering purpose, confidence, and clarity are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

You’ve been trying… really trying… to work on that oh-so-important "INNER space" of yours.

The one filled with doubt, crappy inner dialogue, fear, anxiety, maybe even some depression or feeling without purpose or meaning.

The one frustrated that you keep being overwhelmed and overworked while being unappreciated and undervalued... and the resulting lack of time and money that comes with it.

Where you're stuck not knowing where you are going or what will finally launch you out of this stuck place.

But you’re no monk...

You don’t have years to ponder and practice the lofty wisdom out there.

Parsing out what it all means. And how to make it practical for someone just trying to have some good relationships and make enough time and money in their life to:

  • Spend time with those we love
  • Get out and travel and experience life
  • And give back in the way we’re called to do.

You don’t have hours every day to figure it all out and piece together all these different techniques and practices into a cohesive plan that just works.

We have lives. We have bills. We have people to take care of. We have sometimes shitty circumstances to get ourselves out of… sometimes of our own making…

You just want a redo button.

To start over from a more confident, clear, and determined place.

No more waking up every morning struggling, demotivated, wishing you could just turn off all the negative programing running non-stop in your head and spilling out into your life.

No more feeling lost and unvalued in your relationships and your career.

No more fighting to get just one step ahead, or being completely stuck in life with no way out, struggling to get by and avoid the drama.

Here’s the great part:

You already have a redo button.

It’s right there, waiting for you.

Simple tools are all you need to get the 80% of the results that are critical and life-changing... seemingly in moments.

So that you can create the mind space, “free time," and financial security you need today.

In as little as 16 days, take the critical changes that open up everything for you:

  • Create opportunities to make more money, make a greater impact, attract healthy relationships and your ideal partner, travel and have unforgettable experiences.
  • Shift your doubt and indecision into self-worth and bold steps forward that the old you would have been to scared to take.
  • Transform your aimless frustration, anxiety, and depression into purposeful vision, drive, and fulfillment... clearly seeing where you're going with each step.
  • Turn that crappy, self-defeating inner dialogue that holds you back (the "program" in your head) into a supportive, loving, motivating driver of action and contribution that keeps pulling you forward with confidence.
  • Go from contentious or overbearing relationships that don’t value you... to loving, respectful, healthy relationships with romantic partners, bosses, clients, friends, family, and more…



Craziness to Clarity

Your Template for Transformation with Sue Lundquist

The complete system for going from the CRAZINESS of indecisiveness, "not-enoughness,“ people-pleasing, overwhelm, fear and lack…

... to CLARITY in yourself, your worth, your path and purpose, and all the abundance and possibilities that open up to you when you do.

The rock-solid, real world foundation for...

  • A life of confidence and bold steps forward.
  • A life of contribution, love, and trust.
  • A life of brag-worthy experiences and leaps forward in your career and relationships.

Even if you've struggled for years, feel you have no way out, or have a self-destructive inner program that just never, ever lets up.

We're going to take massive action... TOGETHER

All in 16 days of practical tools I’ve developed over 20 years of my own journey.

From my early years filled with trauma, abuse, death, and overwhelming people-pleasing…

… to having a life and business filled with amazing experiences, travel, a loving relationship and family, my own radio show, and years now spent coaching transformational life change in client after client.


I’ve now spent hundreds of hours combing through all the practices and research I could, interviewing the greatest minds, working on myself to see what actually works, and having amazing mentors like Dr. Joe Dispenza.

All so I could bring it together and distill it down into a single system to achieve big change today.

  • With results like turning a pissed off boss into a new raise!
  • Or a struggling entrepreneur suddenly 10Xing his business (see Dan’s testimonial below!).
  • Or finally getting out of an abusive relationship and into the arms of the love of her life.

All the work we do on our spiritual practices, self-development, and personal evolution don’t mean squat if we’re stuck in a place of:

  • Total confusion on what we want or where we want to go.
  • Indecision, paralysis, feeling lost and spinning out.
  • Overwhelming people-pleasing that leaves us overworked and under-valued.
  • Fear and lack and victim mentality constantly getting in the way and shrinking us down.
  • That dreaded feeling of having no purpose or value when you know you have so much to give.
  • Or worse, fearing we have no options - financial, time, opportunities, or support - to even get started.

This isn’t learning to meditate on a mountaintop.

I'm not guiding you to nirvana. But to a BETTER life.

This is about real world change TODAY, grounded in revealing our true selves.

“Where do I begin?!? Everything in my life has been positively affected by the tools I learned from C2CC.

Awareness and action have been major assets. Digging into storytelling and rewriting my story had been my focus ever since.

I’ve even taken steps to start my own business that had been a dream for years and years. I’ve learned to make the time for self-care so that I can be the best version of myself and best able to serve others.”

- Colleen in Philadephia

Craziness to Clarity is the ONLY program of it’s kind that’s...

Street level, real world, practical tools for foundational transformation to elevate your entire life NOW.

No lofty wisdom or ideals that aren’t immediately actionable and don't set you up for the important, urgent changes in your life you need today.

Develops the confidence and self-worth that CREATES opportunities and resources.

The tools to blast through self-doubt, generate self-love, and show up in a way that you attract the very things you feel you may be lacking - money, time, the right people, access and connections...

Broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps you can actually do each day in your already crazy busy life.

You have no time to waste, and too much on your plate already, so I cut out the fluff and get right to the manageable steps, practical tools, and no-nonsense action… while still making it fun and engaging 🙂

Keeps you going, excited, and motivated to follow through and FINISH

Guided with LIVE coaching with me every week-day, group accountability, and a highly engaged private Facebook community that is bustling with excitement! With recordings waiting for you if you can't show up live 🙂 #NoExcuses

Gets right to the core of what it takes to find your purpose and TAKE ACTION

You don’t need to have it all figured out. Just show up (worries, doubts, and all). You’ll be taking action and finding your driving values and purpose in no time.

Built on love and trust, and honoring who you already are while bringing out who you could be (YOU 2.0!)

No judgements, only love and trust and learning to love and trust ourselves, honoring our values as we transform to the person we’re meant to be. Not trying to fit you into some ideal box, but enabling you to finally fully flourish as your own best self!

This is your “redo” button. The jumpstart to the rest of your life.

The fire to light up those drab days of “more of the same” into "I can't believe this is my life now!"

Show up fully in your life, relationships, and career. Create the meaningful life you love without the indecision, overwhelm, and self-doubt holding you back.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today for only $399 $299:

Craziness to Clarity
Template for Transformation and the Essence of You

  • The full video course with Sue Lundquist, to go through in 16 days or at your own pace.
  • The private Facebook community where we will be interacting, taking action, holding each other accountable, and supporting each other.
  • The C2C Challenge workbook and journal, you can download and print as we go through each step.
  • NEW: The "Essence of You" and "Intended Outcome"/"Ideal Partner" trainings!

{Value of $1,800}

Plus All of These Bonuses:

Bonus #1: My “I’m Thankful” interactive journal and workbook in PDF format 

$14.99 Value

Bonus #2: 30 Days Free Access to my Creating Possibilities membership group. 

$49.00 Value

Bonus #3: Free your time and your headspace with my “4 Steps to Better Boundaries” video training. 

$79.99 Value

Bonus #4: Boost your motivation with my “4 Motivators for Creating a Powerful, Purposeful and Positive Life” training 

$99.99 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $2,209.97

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When you enroll today,
you’ll get access to everything at this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE:

One Payment of Just $399 $299

Buy Now

Hear from Past Participants...

"I was stuck, completely stuck. It took one dose of her magic to get me not only through that, but also to have a new addition to my basket of tools... I've 10 X my income in less than two months. And also I just have a deep sense of clarity in that area of my life and in my business, in my relationships."
- Dan Magena

Craziness to Clarity will be Life-Changing for You If...

...even one or two of these apply to you, this is the perfect, life-changing opportunity you need to grab onto today. No more indecision... ACTION.


1.) You're Stuck and Struggling in Your Life, and Can't Break Out of it

You've done the things, but are not seeing real world results, and continue to struggle day after day with relationships or career or just finding the drive to get through another day.

2.) You Don't Know What You Want... But You Crave Something More

It's okay, bring your indecision, confusion, or lack of direction with you! I welcome it because that's the beginning of finally figuring it out. You've wrestled with that big questions, know it's a problem... and now it's time to do something about it once and for all.

3.) You're Already Doing the Work, but Something Holds You Back from Seeing Real Results Today

I see it all the time. But with the right tools and a simple process, I've seen all that change in days or weeks by focusing on the right things that have big impacts today... so you can work on the deeper things when you have the space in your life to breath.

4.) You're Ready for a Breakthrough in Your Clarity, Confidence, and Personal Power to Make Things Happen in Your Life NOW

So you can open up new possibilities and have passionate, healthy, loving relationships, a meaningful career that values you, and the financial and time freedom to travel, have unforgettable experiences, and contribute back to the world in the way only you can.

5.) You're Here to Show Up and Put it Into Action!

Action is the basis of transformation. Given an immediately actionable, real-world practical process you can follow step-by-step... you're here to make it happen.

Craziness to Clarity Includes Topics Such As:

Day 1

Subconscious and Conscious, getting to know your brain.
Special Guest Lisa Marini, Brain Basics Expert
Awareness Tools for mind management

Day 2

Self-Sabotaging behavior
Mindset tools and will power

Day 3

#1 Tool for self-clarity, boundaries and confidence

Day 4

Values and Beliefs
Self Awareness and clarity=Confidence
This clarity is also fuel for the 5d energies.

The Essence of You and Your Ideal Partner

Day 5

Self love

Day 6

Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle

Day 7

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda’s
Clutter in your space and clutter in your mind
Your surroundings say allot about your inner world

Day 8

What does it really mean and how to apply it for expanded and daily growth

Day 9

Your Drunk Monkey

From the Dalia Lama: “When you develop the ability to size yourself up and grab the reins before you head the wrong direction this keeps you flexible and allows you to choose positively and productivity on how to react to different situation”.

Day 10

Genuine and sincere Gratitude
Gratitude = receivership
Gratitude is also a fuel for 5d

Day 11

Defining them
How to Language

Day 12 and 13 are HOT SEAT topics

Recap to be sure you are processing and integrating the data for your new life_style and its new program
Can go live or if you a leave video I will select 5 to address and answer.
Accountability and integration project

Day 14

Forgiveness yourself and others

Day 15

Sustaining and maintaining in 3d so 5d gets the message

DAY 16

And Celebration

Questions Those Who Say "YES!" to Craziness to Clarity Ask:


"How can I achieve change when I'm too busy looking over others that I never put myself first?"

I get it. There are legitimate reasons that keep us people-pleasing and saying "yes" to everyone else besides ourselves. Sick or infirm parents, family that needs you, that big heart of yours wanting to help everyone with everything and hating to see anyone struggle or suffer.

That was one of my absolute biggest struggles, and continues to be something I work on. I want to help EVERYONE!

But I also realize and embody that my own needs are just as important, and what I'm doing is hurting my ability to help and be there when they really need me most.

No one can help from a place of burn out, and I show you simple tools to help you prioritize you... to put on your own oxygen mask first... so you can contribute even more in even bigger ways from a place of strength and confidence.


"How long will this take? I'm too overwhelmed and have no time as it is..."

I'm glad/not-glad to hear that! Not glad because I see this all the time and it is a horrible place to be stuck in.

But glad because this means you have so much change waiting for you on the other side! It's a visceral indicator and reminder that there is some work that needs to be done on people-pleasing, boundaries, or self-confidence...

... and I bet you're already sensing that.

And that's the first step, realizing what's really happening and what's at stake - so you can CHANGE IT.

The changes you'll make in this program will transform not just your inner world, but how you show up in the world.

So you can shift those people-pleasing habits, and always saying "Yes", and getting people to value your work so you aren't always overworked and underpaid.

Then you'll have more time, more resources, and more mind-space to do so much more!

And I keep everything straight to the point and actionable, so you can put it into action immediately and go about your day.



"How can I feel free while being a good parent and wife - all while transitioning a career and growing a business."

Wowza! Someone after my own heart. We have so much going on and so much we want to do... how can we ever open up more freedom in our lives with so much going on?

I've seen it in my coaching clients, I've dealt with it myself, and I see time and time again that the more they implement this simple system of tools and create the critical changes in their confidence, boundaries, and showing their value... the easier and more spacious everything becomes.

The struggle is more about being effective with the time we have and achieving what matters. And that starts with simple shifts on the inside that lead to big changes in our circumstances and how we handle all these challenges.



"What if I'm naturally shy and non-confrontational?"

Hey, I get it. I've been there. I'm a recovering people-pleaser who hated confrontation.

You don't have to be an extrovert to show up and show your value and have good boundaries. You don't have to become one either.

You go on being you!

We'll just help you with the tools that allow you to be you, while showing your value, having boundaries, having confidence, and going after what you want in life...

... without having to be a jerk about it.

I mean really - shy does NOT equal "walked over." Not in my book. Be true to yourself... including true to your needs, including being heard and valued and respected. You do it with love and trust, not aggression or being loud and obnoxious.

I'll show you how.



"I've been through other programs that give me a bunch of stuff and then leaves me on my own to implement it... but I struggle to do it. How can I make sure I actually take action?"

I love this question. It shows my you're an action taker.

Three things:

1.) Many of those programs are filled with lofty wisdom and ideals and not as much with practical tools so you know how to actually implement them right away. This is totally different because it's all about simple, practical tools and actions you can take right away those critical shifts that create real world results, without all the fluff.

2.) You get a complete system, not a single tool or leave you to figure out how to put together all the different pieces you need to create real, fast results.

3.) We support you! I'm there with you in the Facebook Group answering your questions, and giving you motivation and holding you accountable. That's why we get follow-through and results.



"Is this a video course? How is it delivered."

The course is broken down into easy to consume, short videos that get straight to the point. Plus some additional bonus videos to go deeper into some additional topics.

It's designed to be done over the course of 16 days (20 days including breaks), but you can also do it at your own pace.

And then there is the Facebook Group where we'll be interacting, supporting each other, helping each other, and doing fun activities and sharing to make the experience highly interactive and fun!

I also email you additional resources for each segment, to keep you on track and help you implement the tools.



"What if I can't keep up?"

We do everything we can help you and to make the actions simple, short, and actionable. But if you slip up, it's okay.

All the videos are recorded and available to go at your own pace. All the resources are still available for you to go through at your own pace, or return to things you miss at a later date.

And you'll get lifetime access.

The important thing is to show up as much as you can, and do what you can. We'll keep you motivated and accountable, and we'll have a ton of fun as well!



"What else do I need in order to go through this program?"

All you really need is an email address, a phone, tablet, or computer, and access to Facebook. Even the bonus resources are in our student portal.

You'll get access to our special private Facebook group so everything is private just for us.

You don't need to buy anything else to do this program. Everything we do in this program requires no other purchases. They just need you 🙂 That's it.


In case we haven't met....
A little about me - Sue Lundquist:

I'm a mother, a radio show host of my show The Gratitude Cafe, coach and energy worker, and now live an amazing life I couldn't have imagined in my early life.

My life started out with massive traumas and debilitating inner turmoil.

My lack of confidence, fear and old worthiness stories in my inner world kept me from reaching my true potential. Until I found my calling to serve, to be accountable and be brave.

I spent over 30 years rediscovering myself in painstaking trial and error, researching and interviewing the greatest minds, and educating... All to create a new lifestyle and new inner program that I am proud of. Along with an impact in people's lives that fills me with meaning and purpose.

From being adopted to being a natural born psychic and empath, I had to seek out my tribe, learn techniques and tools to help myself and be of better service to my clients.

I found my unique ability in being able to bridge the 5D spiritual energies with the practicality of our human 3D world.

Through practical lifestyle tools and mindset strategies in real-world of "3D" existence, I'm able to help people connect with that 5D realm and its universal energies. Bringing them a more expansive and explosive transformation for our highest good.

When you enroll today,
you’ll get access to everything for just:

One Payment of Just $399 $299

Buy Now

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