Craziness to Clarity
Your Template For Transformation in
A Weekend Experience with Sue Lundquist

The same powerful Craziness to Clarity process now in an in-person, weekend event with Sue, available in multiple locations.

A proven process to finally find clarity on your purpose, confidence, and personal power… all in one amazing weekend experience.

Experience Increased WEALTH, VITALITY and EMPOWERMENT!

  • Learn New Mindset Tools and Strategies to reclaim your personal power
  • Create a new Inner Program that integrates the higher energies of 5D (spirit and universal energies) into your 3D Life for REAL and lasting, change
  • Shut down the Drunken Monkey Mind!
  • Learn the language of setting respectful, effective boundaries

Sue Lundquist (Super-Sue to many) has created a template for transformation. Now you can be the CEO of your life and lead from your personal power as YOU 2.0!

The Tools and Strategies you will learn at the Craziness to Clarity event are SIMPLE, PRACTICAL, and POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE.

“It doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective”
In fact, it is the simplicity itself that makes it effective!

Lets jump in to our life. No hesitation. No holding back.

Find your purpose and your power, and go forth in your life with confidence.

Let’s make some profound changes using repeatable mindset tools that make positive change STICK! And do it all in a live event, in-person with me, along with a group of amazing people on the same journey with you.

Over the course of this weekend experience, we’ll clear away the craziness together, so you can see clearly who you are, where you are going, and trust in yourself to get you there.

Along with practical tools you’ll bring into your daily lives to keep that clarity and empowerment going.

If you could use a little help with…

  • Trusting yourself (choice & relationships)
  • Personal boundaries & not feeling taken advantage of or a victim anymore!
  • Reclaiming your personal power
  • Getting clarity on your own personal value to yourself and to others
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Real life practical tools to improve your inner world

If you answered YES to any of these… then your intuition led you to the right spot, so trust it!

An Exclusive Live Group Experience with Sue Lundquist that can only happen when everyone is in the same room together

I’ll personally guide you through each step of the Craziness to Clarity Template for Transformation, allowing you to experience it for yourselves while having direct access to me to help you along the path of transformation.

I’ll also be sharing with you the Craziness to Clarity companion workbook which you can also take home with you.

We will be creating an engaging and active conversation throughout the weekend, so be ready to engage!

Ask your questions, share your progress and successes, help each other and encourage each other. We’ll be putting all of this into practice so we can integrate these new tools into your own body frequency so you can stand in your truth.

Then the people around you will see you, hear you, feel you confidently and clearly (vs. wishy washy, doubtful). 

So if you are ready for change, now’s the time!

I’m Making this Ultra-Affordable…
So Everyone Who’s Ready for Real Change can Get this Live Group Experience

You can get into this entire weekend experience for just $499, or VIP package for $899 with additional VIP perks including VIP only lunches with me!

Hear from Those Who’ve Experienced the Craziness to Clarity Process for Themselves…

Meet Sue Lundquist

Sue’s early life was filled with tragedy, but after years of inner healing, she is eager to share how you too can overcome and THRIVE!

Today, Sue is a successful business owner, speaker, teacher, author and intuitive coach. She hosts a highly-rated live & international radio show and is mother to three amazing children.

Sue has spent over 25 years researching and developing a template for transformation that utilizes higher frequency energies (5th Dimension).

Her unique superpower bridges the 5D into real 3D life. She walks her talk, juggling work and life and experiencing everyday miracles using the C2C tools and strategies. And now Sue offers you a path to do the same!

The Craziness to Clarity Live Weekend Events with Sue Lundquist are Happening in Multiple Cities

Join today for only $499 for the entire weekend experience, along with the C2C Companion Workbook.

Or bring a buddy and get the VIP Buddy Ticket for two!

$899 VIP Price – Limited availability for each event

  • Front row seat
  • Companion workbook
  • VIP lunch with Sue
  • VIP hour after event
  • Local bonuses (varies by event, but have included things like spa gift certificates)
  • Free I’m Thankful Journal physical book
  • 20 minutes free psychic Reading with Sue

But tickets are limited for each event, especially for the VIP Tickets, so get in early!

Upcoming Events

May in Mexico

Specific date and location TBD

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