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116 | Can we inherit emotions from other generations? With Dr. Bradley Nelson

116 | Can we inherit emotions from other generations? With Dr. Bradley Nelson

Studies indicate that trauma experienced by our parents and earlier generations can shape our health, including a brand new one showing how the nervous system can transmit information across generations.

I have veteran holistic physician, international lecturer and best-selling author Dr. Bradley Nelson on the show to discuss just that…

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115 | Forgiveness is a choice….with Jess Bubbico

Join your Host and Founder Sue Lundquist and her "guest host" Jess Bubbico as they have and honest, powerful and candid conversation aboutFORGIVENESS of self and others -"POWERFUL"What is it?Why it important? And...What it is not. We share some powerful quotes that...

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113 | The Courage Habit with Kate Swoboda

Special guest this week talking about courage... Kate Swoboda (aka, “Kate Courageous”)See where old, fear-based habits have kept you stuck or started to limit what’s possible for you or your organization. Then start creating a more courageous life by getting into “the...

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