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106 | Mica, the Baby Whisperer, Empowered Conception

Empowered Conception. Moving beyond the medical & biological part of conceiving, and discovering how to heal and connect in order to conceive or bring your soul baby into your world. Learn to remove blocks and communicate with your soul baby! I will act as a...

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104 | Facilitating Deep Inner Work with Craig Filek

Discover the Purpose Mapping process and how he used it to bring his own life into alignment, with greater purpose and contribution. The Show ​Time: @ 8:00am PST Tuesdays Want to send in your questions or situation for a future show, go here »​ Place:Radio 1150am or...

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103 | Hypnotherapy with a Brain Health Coach, Lisa Marini

Lisa Marini, a leading Brain Health Coach, will take us through the journey of stress and how today’s society traps us in our fight or flight limbic responses. Lisa will also explain the emerging practice of Brain Health Coaching and its benefits for anyone with a...

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