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Looking for something new for fundraising? Something that is more in line with your mission?

Discover a fun, empowering fundraiser that will create positive change in everyone it touches. Time for fundraising that not only raises funds, but actively empowers people to live better lives.

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AwesomeSOXX™ are fun, colorful socks with positive affirmations that tell people they are enough, they are beautiful, they are brave, and more….

Whenever you are looking down, AwesomeSOXX™ will pick you up. They are both practical and powerful, perfect for your next fundraiser!

And you make a full 50%, getting $15 in fundraising profit for each and every set of AwesomeSOXX™ you sell! That is far better profit than most fundraising items out there.

And you will get marketing materials like:

  • The AwesomeSoxx™ Story to inspire and empower
  • Photos and signage downloads
  • Printable affirmation cards great for taking pictures to generate excitement
  • Care/Washing instructions
  • Photo Release

Order your Sample Kit:

Get Your AwesomeSOXX™ Fundraiser Sample Kit!

To coordinate your fundraiser and order supplies, contact Sue Lundquist at 206-300-2227

Or by email:


How it Works

1. You get your selling sample kit, which includes the set of AwesomeSOXX™ and everything you need to start taking orders for your fundraiser.

2. Once the fundraiser is over, you then order your full set of AwesomeSOXX™ orders! You need to have at least 36 sets on your order.

3. When you receive your order, you then deliver all the AwesomeSOXX™ to their rightful owners

4. Celebrate a successful fundraiser!

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Fundraising Details:

Recommended selling price for AwesomeSoxx™ is $30.00 per 3 pair pack
Your cost is $15.00 per 3 pair pack
Sample kits are $25 each and include:

  • Full 3 pair pack of neon AwesomeSOXX
  • Full 3 pair pack of white AwesomeSOXX
  • The AwesomeSOXX Story
  • Access to all fundraising marketing materials and downloads

Order Your Kit!


Selling Requirements:

We just require that you sell at least three dozen packs during your fundraiser (36 three pair packs of AwesomeSOXX™)
Your cost is $15.00 for each 3 pair pack
That is $540 profit!


Special Requirements:

Have fun. Be kind and gracious. Wear your AwesomeSoxx™. And please TAKE PICTURES of you, your team, or organization in your AwesomeSoxx™. Please send all images to or simply post on:
Facebook –
Twitter – @AwesomeSoxx


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