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A proven process to finally find clarity on your purpose, confidence, and personal power… all in one amazing 16 day, LIVE Facebook challenge.

Step it up in your life and experience increased WEALTH, VITALITY and EMPOWERMENT in all areas of your life – career, personal fulfillment, relationships…

  • Learn New Mindset Tools and Strategies to reclaim your personal power with deep intention and clarity… and stop giving your power away to others or playing the victim in your own life.
  • Create a new Inner Program that integrates the higher energies of 5D (spirit and universal energies) into your 3D Life for REAL and lasting, change and creates profound shifts in your life.
  • Shut down the Drunken Monkey Mind, all that negative self-talk you’re piling on yourself and that’s holding you back from living big (often without even knowing it!). And know the radiant human being you are.
  • Learn the exact language of setting respectful, effective boundaries with yourself and others, and redefine who you are and what you stand for.
  • Gain the ability to forgive yourself and others, and deeply embody gratitude every day… enabling more joy and more success in every aspect of your life.

PLUS – Get the support and experience of others on this same journey with you. You are not alone in this.

Sue Lundquist (Super-Sue to many) has created a template for transformation. Now you can be the CEO of your life and lead from your personal power as YOU 2.0!

“It doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective” In fact, it is the simplicity itself that makes it so effective!

The Tools and Strategies you will learn in the Craziness to Clarity Challenge are SIMPLE, PRACTICAL, and POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE.

Lets jump in to our life. No hesitation. No holding back.

Ditch the wishy-washy, doubting, and overwhelmed old you, and confidently move forward into YOU 2.0!

Over the course of this challenge, we’ll clear away the craziness from your life and your own internal space together, so you can see clearly who you are, where you are going, and trust in yourself to get you there.

Along with practical tools you’ll bring into your daily lives to keep that clarity and empowerment going.

If you could use a little help with…

  • Trusting yourself (choice & relationships)
  • Personal boundaries & not feeling taken advantage of or a victim anymore!
  • Reclaiming your personal power
  • Getting clarity on your own personal value to yourself and to others
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Real life practical tools to improve your inner world

If you answered YES to any of these… then your intuition led you to the right spot, so trust it!


This has been such a hit, I had to bring it back for another round.

So here’s your chance…

An Exclusive Live Group Experience with Sue Lundquist in a Private Facebook Group Only for Challenge Members

Every weekday, I’ll be going on Facebook Live doing group coaching in the private Facebook group. You can chat with me as we go, and I’ll share that day’s topic with guidance and that day’s action challenge.

I’ll also send you additional resources to help you each day.

We will be creating an engaging and active conversation in the private FB group with all of you, so be ready to engage!

Ask your questions, share your progress and successes, help each other and encourage each other.

And be accountable for one another.

So if you are ready for change, now’s the time!

I’m Making this Ultra-Affordable…
So Everyone Who’s Ready for Real Change can Get this Live Group Experience

For just $299 $149 you are getting 16 days of group coaching, live with me, plus additional resources, a community of like-minded people just like you, and accountability and support.

ACT NOW in your life!

This is a Face book LIVE event, so you will need a FB account.

Can’t make it to the live training? No problem. You will still have all the videos available to watch in the Facebook group until approximately two weeks after the live event has ended.

Hear from Past Participants of the Challenge…

The Live Craziness to Clarity Challenge with Sue Lundquist Starts May 1st

Join today for only $299 $149 including 16 live sessions of group coaching, resources, tools, and a community of others going through the challenge with you.

And here’s your free bonuses for signing up today: 

As a special gift, I’ll be giving you all of these when you sign up before December 10th…

  • The I’m Thankful Journal digital ebook complete with exercises, practical tools and techniques, writing prompts, and journaling space for transforming your life during and beyond the challenge. Print it out or go through it on your favorite device.
  • My 4 Steps to Better Boundaries video training with ebook
  • Boost your motivation with my 4 Motivators for Creating a Powerful, Purposeful and Positive Life training and ebook

Sign up by April 15th to join and get these bonuses and special $149 price!

Join Today for Only $299 $149 with this Special Offer

Craziness to Clarity in 16 Live Weekday Sessions, the Rest of the Community, and Transformation that STICKS!

Day 1

Subconscious and Conscious, getting to know your brain.
Special Guest Lisa Marini, Brain Basics Expert
Awareness Tools for mind management

Day 2

Self-Sabotaging behavior
Mindset tools and will power

Day 3

#1 Tool for self-clarity, boundaries and confidence

Day 4

Values and Beliefs
Self Awareness and clarity=Confidence
This clarity is also fuel for the 5d energies.

Day 5

Self love

Day 6

Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle

Day 7

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda’s
Clutter in your space and clutter in your mind
Your surroundings say allot about your inner world

Day 8

What does it really mean and how to apply it for expanded and daily growth

Day 9

Your Drunk Monkey

From the Dalia Lama: “When you develop the ability to size yourself up and grab the reins before you head the wrong direction this keeps you flexible and allows you to choose positively and productivity on how to react to different situation”.

Day 10

Genuine and sincere Gratitude
Gratitude = receivership
Gratitude is also a fuel for 5d

Day 11

Defining them
How to Language

Day 12 and 13 are HOT SEAT topics

Recap to be sure you are processing and integrating the data for your new life_style and its new program
Can go live or if you a leave video I will select 5 to address and answer.
Accountability and integration project

Day 14

Forgiveness yourself and others

Day 15

Sustaining and maintaining in 3d so 5d gets the message

DAY 16

And Celebration

Wait till you see how much you have accomplished… going from May 1st-22nd, 2019

This is going to blow your mind!

Join Today for Only $299 $149

Sue’s life started out with massive trauma’s which created even more inner turmoil. Her lack of confidence, fear and old worthiness stories in her inner world kept her from reaching her true potential. Until she found her calling to serve, to be accountable and be brave.

She has spent over 30 years rediscovering herself, researching, educating to create a new life_style and new inner program that she
is proud of.

From adoption and as a natural born psychic and empath Sue had to seek out her tribe, learn techniques and tools to help herself and also be of better service to her clients.

Sue’s unique ability is to bridge the 5d spiritual energies with the practicality of our human 3d world. Accomplishing this by teaching practical life_style tools and mindset strategies in human 3d, so that 5d and its universal energies understand our intended outcome, and to bring us a more expansive and explosive transformation for our highest good.

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