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080 | Determine your most fulfilling and successful life direction with Marc and En-May

Marc and En-May will share how a unique combination of head(intellect), heart (intuition) and a noble higher purpose can help anyone determine their most fulfilling and successful life direction.

Marc Sachnoff is the Founder of Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute, a strategy and training organization that helps individuals and organizations find their unique meaning, purpose, and direction so all involved can live more joyful, harmonious and successful lives. He has been married to Lynn for 30 years and they have two adult children, one rescue dog and 7 pianos.

Two-time Emmy-Nominated Television Producer and technology focused businessman, Marc has worn many hats.

A 20+ year Hollywood entertainment industry executive, Marc has been involved in successful ventures in television, games, licensing, marketing, publishing and new media.

Highlights of his more than 150 hours of television include Co-Executive Producing Sesame Street’s 25th Anniversary, Co-Producing the Bells For Hope Celebration for the Presidential Inaugural Committee and Supervising Producer of the ten hour History of Rock ‘N Roll with Time Warner and Quincy Jones. Non-profit experience includes founding Executive Director of The Parents Union, stints on the Executive Board of ECO, the entertainment industry environmental group, and Pacific Northwest Zone Men’s Leader of the SGI-USA Buddhist Association.

A sought after advisor and business strategist, Marc has provided services to organizations as diverse as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Precor, Oki Golf, and the Presidential Inaugural Committee and worked as a Director of Business Development in Microsoft’s Xbox Gaming Division.

En-May Mangels is an internationally renowned Intuitive Strategic Advisor, Empath, and modern-day Spiritualist. She is a wife, stepmom, grandma, an unashamed Hello Kitty enthusiast, and an advocate for all those who have forgotten their own inner voice. As a 7th generational intuitive, her "ultimate wi-fi," allows her to unveil and dissect how life's stories or events prepare for a positive mindset or a challenging road map; what En-May has coined as "Hereditary Hostage." With compassion, and ease, she brings renewal to areas of stagnation, uplifting the soul of a person, career, or business.

En-May's clients include Grammy nominees in entertainment, business leaders of Fortune 500 corporations, real estate developers and brokers; thought leaders and caretakers of all species. With sold-out public workshops, speaking engagements worldwide, and 1:1 private sessions, she enjoys home-life with her husband and basset hound "Fletcher."NLP, EFT Certified Level II, Keynote Speaker, Inspirationalist

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life


So many times in my life I chose to listen to the lie in my head.

I listened to the belief system of someone else’s story. Not mine. Not the one I chose

When we’re children, we’re learning, so it’s fine. We soak up all those messages like a sponge. Your 3rd grade teacher’s work ethic rings in your ears. Your aunt’s vitality to live with passion beats in your own heart like a drum.

But there may also be that voice that says you’re never good enough. Or there’s the belief you can hear after so many years that came from Uncle Gerald about how life is all struggle, and you never get a break.

I understand. It is much easier to allow the lie to control your action and behaviors than to create your own.

When we were young we needed to learn and get guidance. But we didn’t know how to choose. And now we carry those messages with us, both good and bad.

We may not even know the hidden beliefs in our head that control our lives with someone else’s story. The negative lie has done its job - it has stopped you from taking action.Read on!

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