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4 Reasons Why Affirmations Aren't Working for You

Want to know why? Okay, okay, you caught me! I did just recently get through telling you how valuable affirmations are… but the way most people use them make them completely useless. In the email I send only to my list, I even jokingly referred to the classic SNL skit...

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10 Powerful Affirmations to Shift Your Life

Your thoughts are your reality. Yet, according to one study, over 90% of the news and messages we are being bombarded with every day is negative. Over 90%! Is it any wonder we yearn for a vibrant, abundant life only to find our own worry, lack of confidence, and...

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

So many times in my life I chose to listen to the lie in my head. I listened to the belief system of someone else’s story. Not mine. Not the one I chose When we’re children, we’re learning, so it’s fine. We soak up all those messages like a sponge. Your 3rd grade...

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How to Find Clarity in Today’s Busy World

  [Tweet "With clarity, you'll find wisdom, self esteem and spiritual growth can blossom."] Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word “clarity” as the quality or state of being clear. But what exactly does “being clear” mean in the context of personal growth?...

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A positive brain is 31% more productive than a negative brain.

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Positive Brains are 31% More Productive

A positive brain is 31% more productive than a negative brain. It's a proven fact. You can hear all about it here:

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