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085 | Announcing the 16 Day Challenge!

Let’s ask...Can you trust yourself?Are people taking advantage of you? Then you become confused & resentful?Have you been searching for practical tools to reclaim your power & confidence?Clarity = ConfidenceAre you teachable? You wonder what I am doing ?...

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​The Healer within and the Forever Letter

We had an amazing show this week with two incredible women guests.... But first, a quick reminder I will be hosting the Heal documentary at the NW Mind, Body, Spirit Connection Expo on January 20th and would love see you there. WINNER -Winner chicken dinner. We had...

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​Becoming Supernatural with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Chronic pain, Anxiety, Arthritis, Even cancer falling off a mans leg.... Seriously, people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives. Hear from Dr. joe himself, then listen in for some very very special testimonials. Ps. Check out the image of Dr...

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5 Ways Thankful Acts Instantly Boost Your Self-Worth

I’m the raving queen of gratitude. So... you know by now how important I think gratitude is. But you know what is maybe even more powerful? The simple “Thank you.” It is the embodiment of gratefulness. And when you use it... BOOM! You not only give...

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I ran into this and I found it soooooo powerful!!! When you're down, when you don't think you can succeed, when you need that oomph every morning... play this. Sometimes that's all you need, a daily dose of motivation. Like a movie trailer for your life, revving you...

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How to Turn Things Around When Life Becomes a Drag!

When did life become a drag? Growing up, there was so much possibility… so many dreams... And then somewhere along the way... well, things changed. Ever felt that way? Jill used to be so creative! She would stay up late driven by her latest fancy or creating that just...

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