Sue is a multi-faceted Dynamo; as a successful Business owner, Intuitive Clarity Coach, life-changing Workshop Leader, Author, Transformational Traveler, and a Radio host who has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders and inspiring minds through her International Radio show: The Gratitude Café, Positive Radio to Feed your Soul.

Sue’s life started out riddled with tragedy; starting with abandonment issues from a birth adoption -> to feeling a loss of personal power from physical and mental abuses -> to traumatic deaths & suicides of loved ones.

But Sue did not let that define her life. She found her voice again and this has created a business from her passion and desire for creating positive and sustained transformation in her life and other people’s lives.

Sue’s superpower is her unique ability is in bridging Spirituality with Practicality. This is accomplished through Sue’s Signature Set of Transformational Tools, which is her unique curriculum for teaching and showing people their own power and confidence and make this change STICK!

This is accomplished with over 25 years of research and development and creating her curriculum “Template for Transformation” that utilizes higher frequency energies (5th dimension). Her unique superpower bridges the 5D with the 3D life.

Learning and integrating Sue’s practical lifestyle tools have been wildly successful for those yearning to reclaim their own voice, personal clarity, confidence and trusting in oneself again.

Sue’s proven mindset and awareness strategies is creating explosive changes and getting people out of their own way to achieve and live in vitality, confidence and abundance.


I am a self-taught entrepreneur and do not have all the answers and do not claim to. I am curious and have tenacity to carry me through with a collaborative, customer-service and nurturing mindset.

This is all possible because of my tenacity, hours of walking my own talk and cleaning out my “stuff,” attendance of workshops, countless hours of training, books, interviews, and classes.

I am the president and the founder I’m Thankful, LLC, a company based in inspiration products and services.

After launching the company more than eight years ago, I began my journey as an inspired author, which then evolved into founding a highly successful positive radio network with daily programming heard internationally. Currently I work steadily as a successful intuitive, energy healer, clarity coach, workshop leader, public speaker, and author of three titles.

If there was a college degree for empowerment, I would have it. My true calling and passion is to empower. I have a vast knowledge and the unique ability to cut through the noise to bring us back to basics, in doing so inspiring and empowering positive changes both personally and professionally.

I believe strongly in establishing a personal code of conduct and a personal navigation system. I feel that what transpires in your internal life will also unfold in your family and professional life. This is why I feel so strongly about establishing practical and sustainable tools for making the next step in life.


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