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149 | Understanding Men Now with Jonathon Aslay

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Jonathon Aslay


Dating and Relating with Self-Love.

Gratitude Cafe Episode 149: Featuring Jonathon Aslay.

Datin​g & Relating with Self-Love. America’s Leading Mid-Life Dating Coach has expanded into a deeper, essential philosophy of what it truly means to LOVE. Learn more with dating expert, Jonathon Aslay.

After losing his 19-year-old son Connor in 2018, Jonathon Aslay’s grief led him on a soul-searching inner journey, where he became aware of an often-overlooked dimension of the dating conversation.

He realized that the process of dating reveals the most common emotional health issue faced by many singles seeking a partner: a distressing lack of self-worth, self-regard, and self-love.

Today, he is on a mission of encouraging both men and women to fully love themselves with a new book, “What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway?“—packed with fun, engaging spiritual and personal growth practices—and his dynamic Mid-Life Love Mastery mentorship program, that inspires hundreds of people daily, around the world.


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This was a fun and enlightening conversation with Jonathon about dating, conscious coupling and understanding men now.

We started the conversation with this core premise: How to cultivate a self-love practice that leads to a better relationship within and with others.

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  • What does self-love look like?
  • How do you find yourself again, after having lost yourself in a relationship?
  • What is personal responsibility – and how does it play into the online dating space?
  • Common mistakes women make when dating and in relationships.
  • How shifting from “demand” to asking will actually help you “get” more of what you would like in your relationships.
  • How ending the victimhood with dating and relationships can shift your dating & relationships on the deepest levels.
  • …and much more!



5 Qualities Men Look For In A Soulmate



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