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145 | Shifting Your Reality From The Power Of The Heart w/ Amanda Marit

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Amanda Marit


Shifting Your Reality Through The Power Of The Heart.

Gratitude Cafe Episode 145: Featuring Amanda Marit.

Amanda is an International Coach, Speaker, and Intuitive who empowers and inspires Spiritual women and men to step into their highest possible human expression while they are here on this earth, and to live fully from the heart.

From climbing the corporate ladder, to leaping with no money saved and building a multiple 6-Figure/year business, Amanda has supported people from all over the world through her group programs, private mentorship, events, and courses.

As an Intuitive, she is able to connect with Divine to guide you to move beyond your self-imposed limitations. She lives her message and inspires women to do the same!

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Deep Self-Love Rewiring Audio


This 12+ minute rewiring audio was created to help rewire, recode, and energetically expand your heart for you to remember and FEEL how loved you are on a soul level.

Let your mind relax, surrender, and truly feel into the words that are guiding you during the process. Drink lots of water after the recording + repeat as often as needed!

Total Time: 12:54

FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD: REWIRE FOR DEEP SELF-LOVE*Normally $13.99, but free for Sue’s listeners with coupon code: IAMAGIFT


Learn more about Amanda:

Find her every day on Instagram Stories: @theamandamarit


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