Let me ask you this: Do you want…

  • Help to improve your relationships
  • Help so you can live a more heart-centered life
  • Manifest improved outcomes to events and situations in your life
  • Bring in new solutions to challenging problems
  • Feel greater inner Peace every day
  • Embody Clarity to make wiser decisions, and so much more

YES! Who doesn’t?!

Discover how a special 30 minute process called “Universal Sphere” can help you connect and resonate with the Perfect Universal Resonance. And how 111 Activation can propel you forward to living your authentic and fulfilling life.

This is a truly fascinating interview with Paul & Holly of Soul Genesis that manifested into truly astounding life changes. Listen in to hear every juicy detail!


How to Connect to the Heart of the Universe in 30 minutes for Transformational Change and Possibility

by Sue Lundquist | The Gratitude Cafe

My guests today have been my teachers for the Energy Healing modality 111 and the Universal Sphere.

Holly Hawkins Marwood is an Advanced Certified Akashic Record Teacher & Reader. She is a conscious channel for The High Council of Orion, the Archangelic realm, and many more. Stay tuned to hear what this means. Holly also facilitates guidance sessions, workshops and seminars both locally and internationally.

Paul Marwood is a certified Advanced Akashic Records Reader an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing, and transformational soul and life guidance.

Paul & Holly are the cofounders of 4 multidimensional transformational processes to help you move to greater alignment with your inner guidance and assist you to fulfill your life purpose and desires with expanded consciousness and ease, they are also co-founders of something that is so easy and unlimited it will blow your socks off, it is called the Universal Sphere®.

We spoke to special offerings to my listeners, here they are:

  • A Bundle of 3 Universal Sphere’s : Learn to do the Universal Sphere® online 4.5 hour workshop Access to Modern Day Mastery and Mysticism online workshop
  • A Bundle of 3 Universal Sphere’s you can use for yourself, family, friends for situations, health, ease in a challenge etc. ………..Click here to start your change now and yes this is the link we refered to on the show: http://bit.ly/GratitudeCafeUS



Holly and Paul Marwood, both directors of Soul Genesis and teachers of the Universal Sphere,  talked about the techniques which can help and have helped people improve their lives and relationships, live a more heart-centered life, manifest improved outcomes and situations, feel greater inner peace, heal on multiple levels  in your mind, your physical, and your life bodies, and life clarity.

From diverse backgrounds and literally opposite ends of the world, Paul and Holly Marwood, a unique husband-wife team, met on their journey to fulfill their souls’ calling. And with love at first sight, they soon married and revealed their destiny to usher in teachings and guidance from the divine realm. They offer unique approaches that come from the balance of the male and feminine energies. They are passionately committed to evolving the lives of people, businesses, and practitioners with whom they work with.

Paul and Holly are both Certified Advanced Akashic Records readers and teachers. Paul, who used to be an engineer, is also an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing, and transformational soul and life guidance. Holly is also a conscious channel for the High Council of Orion.

According to Paul, when you reach that place where you really are on track and your found your life’s purpose, literally every single cell of your being is so excited that it cries out with joy and you just know that you are doing the right thing. Every day becomes a whole new wonderful adventure but there’s so many synchronicities and just so many amazing things happen. You start to ask yourself why you didn’t get on track earlier but there are bigger plans for us so we should just trust on the universe’s bigger plan for us.  

Holly used to be a stay-at-home mom, while Paul has been an engineer. Now that Holly’s kids are already adults, all the things that she did in her personal life for her family transformed into offering them professionally. It has just been a massive passion for her to help people live into the goodness and the truth that they already are. And discover their light and live a life where they don’t feel burdened by who they are but they feel enlivened and understanding of all that they are.

Sue mentioned on the show that so many of us are suffering and we don’t even know what’s causing that. We know what the suffering feels like but we don’t know what the other side feels like. We know that they were trying to get to the joy and the love and the compassion and the feel good juicy stuff but we’re so stuck in our suffering of fear and guilt.

How Did These All Came About

According to Holly, they are located in Northern California in a tiny little mountain town called Grass Valley. And what they love about what they do is that 99% of it does not have to be in front of their clients or the people that who want to experience their service. In this new modality, they’re transcending time and space so people can learn this incredibly high level things including the universe of sphere without needing to be in physical present. And it’s learned and received just at high level as it could be. The energies have changed that doesn’t require people to go on pilgrimages all the time. They can if they want to but they don’t have to.

Looking at a lot of parallels between all the technology and how it grows and expands and makes our world smaller and allows us to connect with more. And the same thing’s happening with us as human beings per Holly. We can connect with more in a new way that doesn’t require so much physicality.

Soul Genesis is the name of their business and what they’re doing with all that they do with the Akashic Records, the universal sphere, the soul activations is helping people connect. Seeing the empowerment and the place of their rightness of who they are. And it’s not about going out, getting a solution from somebody else. What they teach people is how they get to find the solutions to exactly who they are in their unique way to really help them feel truly more comfortable in a sustaining way. They want to give the people the tools to work with their energies. All that they’re seeking is all about energy and how they shift people’s energy to change their experience of life. It’s not about finding a new pair of shoes, or a new diet system, or read a new book or something outside of us. It’s all something that we can easily work on with ourselves and then our lives transforms from the inside out. Most of the time that feels like a burden but the things they teach make it really easy, make it fun, make it empowering along the way.  When people do something where they say “Hey, I did this thing,” and that made a difference, they feel like they’re walking on air. They feel like they have control and they can be that master of their lives. They really can manifest the destiny that they desire.


Per Paul, they literally get more often 1 or 2 testimonials everyday that people have really changed their lives. We have moved to a new age―the Aquarian Age. We’ve now left behind the Piscean Age. We are now moving to a new age that’s far more unlimited.

The Universal Sphere is a wonderful example of that. We’re talking about energy but it’s far more unlimited. As an example of that in these testimonials, the universal example can help you, not only just healing which traditionally we’ve done with energy, but you can use it to bring in like solution energy when you’ve got challenges in your relationship. You can use it with to help your children with their challenges at school. You can use it with to help animals or problems with animals. You can use it to help it with your business. You can use to space-clear as well. It gives you beautiful energy in.

An example of those testimonials is a couple were having problems with their relationship. And one lady learned to do the universal sphere in one of their classes. And she was applying it to their relationship. Within 3-months, they managed to turn their relationship around. They were eventually going separate but now they’re going together and their having a wonderful relationship. The husband loved it how it shifted everything. They have that as a video on their testimonials on their website. They encourage people to go and have a look at some of these.

Another example is this other lady. She was wanting to find a new home for her family. She kind of the person that organizes things and makes things happen in the family and in that respect. And she’s been looking for eight months to find a new home. She was stuck in this situation for a while then things start to turn around. She paid for universal sphere session and Paul did a sphere for her to help her in her situation. One universal sphere, 15 minutes later, and within a week, not only had she found the perfect home for them but she also got an amazing mortgage rate which even here mortgage person couldn’t believe. And she’s like over the moon. She’s been stuck for eight months then suddenly that was all fixed.

Sue added that  when you do ask the universe for energies, you wanna make sure you want very clear and you explain them that you want them coming to you in ease and grace versus grizzly bears. We don’t want the grizzly bears. We would like it all in grace and ease.

The Universal Sphere

The Universal Sphere comes actually from outside of this dimension. The energy of the universal sphere. When we’re here in 3D, this is a dimension of profound learning. The reason we come here is to learn is because we have polarity here. We kind of love and hate polarity. Polarity, to simplify it, are all the great and horrible things, the times when we’re well, the times when we’re unwell, it’s the flow and ease and the stuckness. And we’ve got it all. We’ve got those times when everything’s magical and we got times when we feel like we’re pushing boulders up the hill. And when we start re-framing it, we look at this is a dimension to learn and when we think about all the times when we really made profound strives in our life, it often comes about as a result of the times when we were hitting our heads against the wall or we feel stuck or massively hurt or wounded. So it’s a great dimension to learn in and grown in at that deep spiritual level.

Outside of 3D, is an incredible field that’s a unified field. It’s a field of infinite possibilities and as Ishtara said who channeled through this universal sphere frost is a solution energy abound there. Polarity seizes it to exist there. As we do this universal spheres, it takes this polarized situations which is like “I cannot find my house.” “My kids getting bullied at school.” “My relationship is horrible and we might get divorced.” Whatever it might be, we’re in a polarized situation and it deeply steeps us in a non-polarized field so we have an opportunity to find a new way to connect with a different point of view, to find solutions to things that we hadn’t considered with our 3D mind. It deeply imbues us with this non-polarized field of energy that gives us an opportunity to change in ways that we hadn’t before.

Paul and Holly had people do universal spheres in business situations where just the whole 3rd of corporate culture is awful and they’ve sent them messages that they’ve just done universal spheres for things going on in the office. They just started smoothing themselves out. It’s profound. It’s like way more energy “healing modality” and they had no idea when this first came through. At the end of 2011? Or 10? They had no idea.


Channeling is literally bringing in information into your awareness that’s outside of your everyday awareness. Everyone channels. It’s not as much of a mystery like everyone thinks per Holly and Paul’s point of view. If you’ve ever been sitting and having a cup of tea with a friend who’s distressed and you say these super cool things that you’ve wouldn’t have even known that you are aware of, but it was just what they needed to hear in that moment, you could call that channeling. Intuitive hits comes from that realm outside of our everyday thinking and they’re giving us information and we’re responding to it. We are constantly in this channeling mode. Some of us, and it’s not for everyone, bring in information from outside of our everyday awareness to help us. That’s what they do as channels and even when they work in the Akashic Records. This is considered “conscious channeling” and “intentional channeling”. They’re using a prayer to help them get into that space of their soul.  If you have an inspired thought or moment that surprises you, you could say that’s channeling.  

The High Council of Orion

The Council of Orion started coming to Paul and Holly in the beginning of 2011. They were a group off on Orcas Island. They are non-physical beings and their energy literally emanates from the Star System Orion. They are ascension guides. As a collective, they already went through their ascension process over million years ago. It’s like we’re getting advice from like our great, great grandparents. The great great grandparents aren’t gonna come in and do our lives for us but they have advice. They share incredible wonderful advice with us in terms of everything about ascension and re-framing things that we believe in our lives now.

In addition to that, they’ve given us some things called soul activation and one of them is the “111” activation which is an energetic experience which allows you to get more aligned in one session with your authentic person. You get lined up with your soul so you can live with more clarity and more authenticity.

Aside from that, Paul and Holly have been channeling them since they started teaching us the 111 activation with just a profound amount of guidance for us to navigate this transition that we’re all in the middle of and change it from feeling like a burden and a hardship into something that we understand. And we can flow through it with more ease and excitement. Some of it is not so fun and some of it is not so comfortable. We reframe it to make it a little easier to go through.

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