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​​006 – Change the Habit of Being Yourself with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Are you stuck in your old programming?

Are you stuck in a bad relationship with yourself or another?

Do you have a disease of the mind or body you want a new perspective on?

How about a new way to healing yourself? Listen in to Dr. Joe and then I highly recommend you attending his workshops.


Changing Your Story | Dr. Joe Dispenza

We will be learning and hearing from Dr. Joe Dispenza about :

  • Creating your Future
  • Thinking greater than your environment
  • Your personality creates your personal reality
  • You are NOT doomed by your genetics
  • A wonderful story about over coming Cancer and lastly
  • Two states of mind survival and creation. and how you CAN change!

This opportunity is a HUGE gift, so enjoy sit back leave your life for just an hour, relax and get our your pen and paper ready to take notes, cuz this is going to be a great educational show!

Reminder: Dr. Joe will be having workshops – see below!

Dr. Joe Dispenza is coming to your backyard.

Take this opportunity and run with it, you will be so happy you did this for yourself!

Website: Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Show

Time: @ 8:00am PST Tuesdays


Radio 1150am or listen live online at

Call in with questions or perhaps we are guided to have a reading:

1-888-298-5569 (KKNW).

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