One of the biggest hurdles you’ll overcome in your transformation, and I’ll show you how.

We’ll uncover my secrets to using forgiveness to break through our blocks and our past pains that hold us back.

And we’ll be taking calls and questions from all of you!


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We learned some great tools for forgiveness from the book:
8 Keys to Forgiveness, by author: Robert Enright, PhD

Sue’s acronym for F.O.R.G.I.V.E.N.E.S.S.

  • Forgiving with self and others
  • Open your heart
  • Radical change will happen
  • Gratitude, foster daily gratitude
  • Is crucial for transforming anxiety/depression
  • Vulnerable: learn to be vulnerable, create a safe place to be vulnerable
  • Evolving every day through forgiveness
  • Necessary for positive change
  • Emotional: you have permission to be emotional, allow it and release it
  • Sacred, create a sacred safe space to be heard, seen & loved
  • Sensitive to yourself and any others that are working through the process of forgiveness

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About Sue Lundquist:

Sue Lundquist helps all the ladies, mothers, and woman entrepreneurs ditch the negative self-talk and lack of confidence and self-worth to regain their purpose, passion, and power. More importantly, she uses her 20+ years of experience to help MAKE IT STICK!

Sue is a multi-faceted dynamo who coaches, speaks, leads life-changing workshops, authors multiple books, and has interviewed hundreds of inspiring minds through her radio shows. Her radio show The Gratitude Cafe runs every week live to the PNW and online to international audiences.

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