Most of us are familiar with the concept of compassion.

We give those who are suffering our acceptance and kindness. It’s about non-judgmentally accepting others for their circumstances, weaknesses, failures or disappointments.

Self Compassion is about turning those attributes of care and kindness and respect towards ourselves.

Today, we delve into learning to live brave and bold by cultivating our own self-compassion. We can’t hope to rise back up and to face our challenges without self-compassion. And so, we can’t hope to live our truest selves and truest purpose without self-compassion to help us keep going and keep getting back up.

009 | Live Bold and Brave by Cultivating Your Self Compassion

by Sue Lundquist | The Gratitude Cafe

Listen in as we dive deep with Cynthia Benge, MSW-LMHC into:
  • How self-compassion creates greater well-being, sense of security, and resilience
  • How our focus on self-esteem has back-fired
  • The strive for perfection and what it is doing to us and our lives
  • Know the enemy, and disarm it step by step with a simple process
  • The secret to creating your own self-compassion mantra

And be sure to sign up for the FREE 30 Day Self-Compassion Challenge!

Every day for the merry month of May I will be guiding you to develop the capacity and awareness to practice Self Compassion. I will be sharing the teachings from some of the top researchers into this topic – people like Dr. Kristen Neff, Dr. Brené Brown, Chris Germer and more.

I will share exercises designed to help you find a voice for you inner compassionate guide and help to quiet that inner critic.

We will create Self Compassion Mantras. We will learn some breath work. We will explore what the barriers are to self commpassion and how to break through those barriers like perfectionism, shame and comparison thinking…

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Show Notes:

“For every emotion there is a need”
Two fundamental human needs:
to feel safe and loved.

The mantra tool we learned to sustain compassion in ourselves when the “sh** hits the fan”:

Brene Brown has a great one:
Don’t puff up, don’t shrink down, just stand in your truth

Cynthia’a mantra:
Just breath and believe

Sue’s Mantra:
Hold hands over heart and say “I choose love and trust” – visualizing what love means to me.

Remember, if none of these “hit you” then make one for your self. Just use it!

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About Cynthia Benge, MSW-LMHC:

As a veteran therapist with over 25 years experience, I am committed to helping clients free themselves from the paralyzing affects of shame and the limiting beliefs that hold them back. A professional communicator with a genuine warmth and ability to make authentic connections, I create a safe container for people to be vulnerable enough to explore their own truths.

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