Today was a great show we took calls and learned a new awareness through messages with spirit. This came in the form of Angel cards and messages from the Animal world and it was SPOT ON for each caller.

Listen to hear what 555, 111, even 170 means.

I also spoke to what messages a spider and a deer are giving me. You will see spiders in whole new way.

We also learned of a new location being built in Seattle for area healers and light workers.

And I share with you my clearing prayer below…


011 | Intuitive Coaching with Live Call-ins, and Very Special Clearing Prayer

by Sue Lundquist | The Gratitude Cafe

My Clearing Prayer for Home, Office, and Other Spaces

I had many people asking me to share my clearing prayer I use for my home, office, and other important spaces in my life. It’s a simple but powerful way to ground and connect yourself to the space, and clear out the negative.

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Call in with questions or perhaps we are guided to have a reading:
1-800-298-5569 (KKNW).

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