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In 2004, Marq had a surfing accident and suffered a frontal lobe traumatic brain injury. For 6 years, he was lost inside of his recovery because the injured part of his brain changed him into a completely different person.

Marq and Melody had 5 children. Over the years of his recovery, Melody did her best to keep the family and business together but ultimately they lost their home and business and just about everything they owned.

022 | Soul Restoration with Melody and Marq Ross

by Sue Lundquist | The Gratitude Cafe

Marq and Melody Ross are from Star, Idaho and have been married for 26 years. They are entrepreneurs and have owned and built several businesses together.

Marq’s accident also traumatized Melody and over those years, she developed ways to keep her soul afloat and heal from the horrific circumstances of their life. She compiled all of those processes and exercises together into a course called SOUL RESTORATION, which she began teaching at her women’s retreats 7 years and and turned it into an online course that has been taken by tens of thousands of women all over the world over the last 7 years through the worldwide business she and her sister started called Brave Girls Club.

Marq’s accident was 12 years ago and he has had a complete recovery, part of his recovery was going through the process of Soul Restoration himself….and now they are offering Soul Restoration for men, as well as men’s retreats, where Marq teaches Soul Restoration to men from all over the world.

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