Bridge the Spiritual to the Practical for Explosive Transformation in all Areas of Your Life

Step it up and experience increased WEALTH, VITALITY and EMPOWERMENT in all areas of your life - career, personal fulfillment, relationships. Sue Lundquist helps you achieve YOU 2.0!

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One-on-one, private coaching with Sue Lundquist, helping you bridge the practical with the spiritual for explosive transformation. We'll work directly with your needs and goals in a private coaching program just for you.

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"Sue was remarkably ‘on target’ with what I needed and I’m still feeling the results from our time together. My brain messages changed and I’m still listening to positive and encouraging stuff coming from my thoughts. I’m playing a bigger game now in my personal and business life. I eagerly recommend spending time with her to anyone that wants to grow in their personal life or in their business."

- Elisa Hawkinson

"She was insightful, honest, and she held me accountable for believing I could make changes! She did not let me give up on me or let my emotions be in control. Sue gave me the opportunity to see myself and my future differently." "We used tools (ones that you could practice at home) to change how one thinks, and a few whoo whoo* moments. It was nice to be with someone who believed in my ability to take back the control and to love the life I have. I wish I could see her every week for a tune up!"

- CM in Bothell

"My self awareness is already higher than before and it feels good. I have so much growing to do but I stood up for myself last night in a way that I wouldn't have before and it feels so good this morning. Thanks for opening my eyes and being supportive!

- Kacie

Experience a whole new path to transformation and fulfillment.

Most life coaches are focused on the practical side of life - addressing just the worldly practicalities of living and thinking... without showing you how to bridge over and tap into the spiritual side and the universal energies waiting to propel you to a more fulfilled, connected and successful life in a way you never experienced before.

You already know the potential of this 5D world of possibilities...

You already know there's something more to life than the day to day, mundane experience you go through each day...

But you didn't know how to bridge that gap!

How do you make the leap and connect up this 3D world of daily existence with the 5D world of possibility, energies, and spirit that you can't quite reach?


The Bridge Coach

Where Spirituality meets Practicality

Sue’s unique ability is to bridge together the Practical 3D experience with the Spiritual 5D experience to create an explosive personal transformation.

Let's take a look at the rich meaning of the bridge...

Spiritual Bridge Symbolism: 

The bridge means progress, connections, and stability that will benefit you. You may get higher salaries, good news all that could cause a positive changes and to have another perspective.

Often people view "bridges" as the only way to reach a destination, and therefore bridges are a way to overcome obstacles. Bridges also represent transitions (aka Transformation).

Practical Bridge Symbolism:

It creates progress, connections, "a way" to reach a destination. Bridges are a way to overcome obstacles (fear and old patterns disguised in many forms). Bridges also link to each other – fostering community.

So what does this all look like when you work with Sue?

You will be creating and sustaining progress, overcoming obstacles, trusting again, and creating stability. You'll create community to foster positive changes and accountability.

This is all accomplished with real life practical tools. These tools and mindset strategies propel your confidence, clarity and purpose so you can get the ideal relationship, Ideal job or a pay raise.

Then creating and sustaining this frequency in the 5D experience (aka universal energies) sets you up for explosive transformation.

Let me explain:

You start by getting clear, powerful, and purposeful in your practical life (3D).

You then express that energy and frequency with clarity, intention, and purpose to the 5D. In so doing, you give Spirit and the Universal energies a GREEN light, a clear intended outcome to bring to you.

This is the bridge that makes this coaching program so unique.

The tricky part to all of this “transformational bridge crossing” is to continue to do the work and sustain the frequency with awareness, mindset strategies, and tools fostered in your practical life so you can get all you create in your spiritual life and universal energies.

That is what I guide you every step of the way to achieve - to bridge that gap with intention and clarity. And to elevate the practical strategies and goals you cultivate by bridging it with Spirit and Universal Energies. Enabling change to happen in multiple dimensions, and as a result with greater results showing up in your day to day life and aspirations.

Whatever your goals, whatever changes you want to make - we help you make them happen together. 

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