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Does disconnect, overwhelm, or fear knaw at you and keep you back? Does your family or your career suffer? That can change.

More than 20 years of experience in personal development has led to strategies, tools, and a wealth of talks, workshops, and resources to transform your life. I want to share them with you…

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Are you ready for a life of clarity, purpose, and joy? Start with a toolbox of free resources designed to buid a foundation for your transformation. You will find more clarity, establish boundaries, and see the new life waiting for you…

How to Find Clarity in Today’s Busy World

In an atmosphere of clarity, you’ll find wisdom, self esteem and spiritual growth has a fertile place to blossom. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word “clarity” as the quality or state of being clear. But what exactly does “being clear” mean in the... read more

Awesome Soxx™…come see me Tuesday Dec. 9th

Awesome Soxx™  and myself will be at the Exceptional Connections on Tuesday January 9th for a cash and carry shopping experience. Your benefit:   Awesome Soxx™ in you hot hands immediately and no shipping cost! YOU MUST ACT FAST! Event information: Join us as amazing... read more

what about this GOD?

I have been researching many regarding energy, faith, god and this fine fella Mr. Rob Bell and  I am quite pleased to say I love what he is talking about. When I had children it wasn’t all about me anymore and I had to instill values and principles based on my... read more

Get your PCC on!!!

Have you found yourself doing what others think you should do? Are you running on autopilot? Disconnected to what’s important to you? Overwhelmed? Distracted? Gerbil wheel of life? Being taken advantage of? Unhappy and no answers? How we feel on the inside directly... read more

Thank you!

To all of you that have come before and after, to all the families that have had to sacrifice ….my love and gratitude to you. with love, Sue #thankful4u... read more

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